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We are a 100% Mexican, proudly from Sinaloa company, manufacturer and international distributor of our house brands Alusin® aluminum foil, El Sombrero® napkins and Dinosoft® toilet paper.

We offer top quality, in all of our products, prices and delivery services, and for that our clients best identify us.

We are fully committed with the development of society; we strive for being up to date in all of our products and services to have them always on your full disposition.

To this date, Alusin® holds the first place in sales of aluminum foil, according to Nielsen rating, El Sombrero® napkins currently holds second place in sales. We also offer a new product: Dinosoft® toilet paper and coming soon El Sombrero® toilet paper.


It all began as a small academic project at the Los Mochis Institute of Technology with the then students Bernardino Antelo, Guillermo Antelo and César Gerardo, selling aluminum foil in Los Mochis and El Fuerte.


Out of being a professional practice, with effort, dedication and the great acceptation of clients, our first brand was born: Alusin®, Aluminum of Sinaloa. We started manufacturing our product in a house, with just one small machine.


By the end of this year, we started expanding, and opened our first distribution branch, in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.


We decided to grow even more and went to the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, and started our second distribution branch. In the same year, we started branches in Guasave and Guamuchil.


Our expansion kept going and started branches in Culiacán, Mazatlán, Navojoa, Nogales and La Paz. We covered the most important cities of Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa.


This year we decided to start a purchases branch in Shanghai, so we could directly acquire our raw material, helping us to become one of the most competitive products, in both national, and international scale.


With robust national presence, we started doing business with big distributors, like Casa Ley and Comercial Mexicana.


By this year, we started selling our products in the United States of America, starting a branch in Tucson, Arizona, from where we distributed our products to our clients across the country. Thanks to the great acceptation of our clients, we decided to grow our family by developing a new product: El Sombrero® napkins.


We started selling our products in Dominican Republic, and thanks to the clients acceptation, we started looking for new opportunities in other countries.


With the support of Pro México, at a business convention in Panama, we forged strong commercial alliances, consolidating our business in that country. After that convention, we traveled through Central America, and established commercial alliances in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize.


To this date, Alusin® holds the first place in sales of aluminum foil, according to Nielsen rating, El Sombrero® napkins currently holds the second place in sales. We also offer a new product: Dinosoft® toilet paper and coming soon El Sombrero® toilet paper. We supply at business like Sam´s Club, Soriana, Walmart, Comercial Mexicana, Casa Ley and Tiendas Oxxo. We developed a new product, Dinosoft® toilet paper, and will be soon developing El Sombrero® toilet paper. Our goal is being in more countries across the world and to develop more products, that let us offer top quality, top service and unbeatable prices, which are factors that have always distinguished us.

Each one of our
products is made with
the best quality.

Our star product, distinguished by its high quality and resistance, made in presentations according to out costumers needs.

  • ALUSIN 7

  • ALUSIN 10

  • ALUSIN 50

  • ALUSIN 100

  • ALUSIN 200

  • ALUSIN 400

  • ALUSIN 400 Jumbo

  • ALUSIN 450

  • ALUSIN 500




Our napkins, one of our highest selling products, also recognized for its quality.

One of our new products, high quality toilet paper, soon to be at your closest distributor.

El Sombrero® Toilet paper

We are developing a new brand of toilet paper. Our top priority is to keep growing and offering high quality.

The success of our products has allowed us to expand. You can find us across the country with customer services centers in these cities.

Our costumers

Big and small business choose our products, as well as local business,
we provide our products to companies such as:

We got far! We have strategic commercial alliances in countries across North America and Central America, Europa and Asia. We keep working to make our family grow across the globe.


Our commitment is to offer the maximum quality in the manufacturing of each one of our products.

Quality is guaranteed from the beginning of the production, up to the final consumer. Planning, production and transportation are submitted to rigorous quality and security protocols.

We also contribute to a healthier development of society trough support of sports and cultural events.

In 2015 we received the ESR distinction, which stands for Socially Responsible Company, distinction that we renovate yearly.